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Website Hosting

We also offer hosting for your website!

We can help you purchase your domain or transfer it over to us.

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Web Design at Red Wheel

Red Wheel Web Creations main focus is on web design.  We will create sites from simple html websites to more complicated, larger sites using xml, php, asp, javascript, flash, and more. 

We want each client's site to reflect who they and their business are, and help them reach who they want to be.  We create clean, professional, easy-to-use sites.

So how does all this work?

First, we meet with you, our client, and/or have you fill out a questionnaire as to what kind of site you want. This helps us to get off on a good understand of all your needs straight off.

After understanding your needs and budget, we'll help you narrow down a list of what pages you want on their site and how youwant those pages to function.  Depending on your needs, we are able to determine an approximate amount of hours to be spent on the site, and provide you with an estimate.

Then we'll provide you with a few site mockups to choose from. Once you have the look you are happy with, we begin to code the site! You provide the information for the site, and we'll make it look good.

I need this site updated in the future, and I don't want to do it!

Another aspect of web design is the client retainer.  After a site is created, many clients realize that they will not be able to keep their site updated, often simply due to time constraints.  We offer them a monthly retainer so that they can request minor site updates.

I understand you do hosting?

The last aspect of web design is the hosting of web sites.  We have a reseller account, meaning we have a large block of space on a reputable hosting site.  We resell small amounts of space on that server so that our clients can get hosting at a good rate. Read our hosting page for more information.