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Why "Red Wheel?"

We wanted a logo that was visual and with a bold color. Being Wheelers, a wheel made sense to us!

Red Wheel Web Creations

Red Wheel Web Creations was set up initially as a web design firm by Jenny. Over the years, Red Wheel has adapted to the needs of our customers. Many of our clients want to get all of their print and web work done in one location. You can get your website, logo, business cards, and other printwork all in one place.

What is your design history?

We have worked in the corporate world, and understand the politics and rules of business.  With degrees in design and the experience to back them up, we believe we can provide a solid product to both the large and small business. 

However, most of our experience and our target audience is the small business. We understand how hard you work, and we want to work just as hard to help your business succeed.

See, we are also a small business, so we understand the struggles of being a small business, especially in this economy.

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